Itinerary M1

It was common for the Ducal Court to leave Milan to go to their countryside castles, including those of Cusago and Abbiategrasso. In half a day, we could have a taste of the places where the Milanese court stayed when it left the city to enjoy their moments of leisure. They moved on horseback, by carriage or by boat, while we will use bikes, and possibly the boat. The appointment begins in the Castle of Cusago square and along what was the pathway for horses along the Naviglietto (currently sp 162) reaching the Naviglio Grande near Gaggiano. If possible, we embark on a boat ride to Abbiategrasso and get off at the dock in front of the Palazzo Cittadini Stampa. We then climb on the saddle to reach the Castle of Abbiategrasso travelling along Viale Mazzini, former Naviglio sediment (now underground). We conclude the visit to a very ancient asset with a very interesting history and return to Cusago.

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